Get to know me

Heidi lives in sunny Sydney with her husband and daughter, where she likes to swim, rock climb, mountain bike and cook- all with a hurricane style approach. She grew up in beautiful New Zealand.

You know, that little country at the bottom of the map famous for ‘Kiwi Ingenuity’ The Lord of the Rings, adventure, and of course rugby!

Heidi loves to travel and spent 2 and a half years living in and wandering around England and Europe. She tries to explore whenever possible and last year spent 2 weeks trekking around the jungles of Sumatra where she discovered a new-found hate of leeches.

Heidi is an internationally bestselling author and she has received widespread media coverage for her books, appearing live on TV and radio, and headlining top news sources such as The Daily Mail,, and The New Zealand Herald.

Heidi’s goal with her writing is to encourage health. Healthy bodies, healthy minds, and healthy finances. She aims to do this in an easy to understand format, so people have the knowledge and ability to change their lives in a positive way. Because everyone wants to know ‘how 2’, without any fuss!