Get to know me

Heidi lives in sunny Sydney with her husband and daughter, where she likes to swim, rock climb, sew and mountain bike. She grew up in beautiful New Zealand, famous for ‘kiwi ingenuity’ and of course rugby!

She also spent 2 and a half years living in and wandering around England and Europe. She loves hanging out with family, travelling, tasting new foods, and exploring everything life has to offer.

She doesn’t believe in missing out, just because you have a bit less in your pocket either! Growing up, her family was not well off and as she got older she was terrible with money. Over the years she has learnt to adapt to what life throws at her, and be savvy with her money. This life long battle has morphed into an understanding and knowledge of money, and finance as a whole, that she doesn’t think people who grow up with a bit more can usually empathize with.

A Current Affair have now asked Heidi to be one of their ‘go to’ people for everything finance related. It is watched by more than 1 million people each night.

Heidi’s goal is to make people more aware of themselves, their finances, and their world. She aims to do this in an easy to understand format, so people have the knowledge and ability, to change their lives in a positive way. Because everyone wants to know ‘how 2’, without any fuss!