Hi! It’s me, Katie

Hi I’m Katie. I am a fictional woman from the crazy mind of author Heidi Farrelly. Why am I here? I want to tell you a little bit about myself. You see, I am the person Heidi writes all her books for. What about the dedication at the front of her books you ask? No, ignore that- they’re all for me.

You see, when Heidi first started writing she was given a very sound piece of advice. ‘Find your target audience. Once you’ve decided on that, narrow it down and then down again, until you have it so fine-tuned that it’s like you are writing to one specific person. Give them a name, a job, a life, and then make sure that the book you’re writing is not only going to be of interest to them, but is going to help them is some way, shape, or form’.
And that’s how I was born!

In the beginning Heidi only had a rough sketch of who I was, but now I’m pretty much all filled in. Heidi touches base every time she starts a new project to make sure she’s still providing the best value information to the people she most wants to help.

Mums. Those unsung, busy heroes, working tirelessly the world over. (okay so maybe not tirelessly- I’m bloody tired all the time! But you get the idea).
So anyway, this is me.

Name: Katie Mulligan Yes, I’m Irish. Well, my parents were. I’m an Aussie. My folks moved here before I was born. And no, they were not convicts!

D.O.B: 17 October 1982. I’m a true child of the 80’s. I loved Elastics and Slinkys growing up, watched Alf and Full House on TV, and listened to Madonna and ACDC in equal measure.

Looks: Did I mention I was Irish? So yeah, pale skin, straight dark hair, green eyes (yes!) and 160cm (5’3”). Not fat but nicely curvy. That’s what my husband tells me anyway, and he’s got no reason to lie right?

Work status: Permanent Part-time: Bookkeeper. This used to be my full-time gig before I became a mum. I’m pretty good at it too if I do say so myself. Totally Full-time: Mum/Mom however you want to say it- that’s me.

Family: Hubby Jack and 3 kids. Caitlyn 9, Abby 7, and Max 3. I lost another precious bubba in the middle there, and Max was conceived after years of natural and so not natural fertility treatments. Oh, and a beautiful border collie who costs me more than my kids. Don’t even ask.

Language: English with miscellaneous multilingual words like Chow Bella! Hola! And Sayonara! thrown in for good luck. I never swear except when I say shit very quietly under my breath. Ok fine, it’s not so quietly and sometimes I say F*!k too, although never around the kids. (just to them behind their backs…) I say things like Bloody Hell, and Holy Crap a bit too. Didn’t think that was too bad till Max said it the other day. My bad.

What else…

Health: I am a coeliac which means I can’t eat wheat, rye, barley or any of that other gluteny goodness. I’m also allergic to the sticking tape they put on you in hospital and chap stick of all things! And the kicker- none of this was an issue before I had kids. They changed me… Other than that I am really healthy. I’ve never smoked other than that one awful drag in high school, I exercise regularly-ish, and other than my depression which strikes occasionally I am a pretty happy person. That makes me mostly healthy in my book. Oh I have dodgy ankles and a bad knee. Geez, I’m starting to think I’m not that healthy after all…

Hobbies: So many! I love craft of almost any variety, although you usually can’t see the floor or any surfaces when I’m in the middle of a new project.
Is reading a hobby? If it is then it’s my favourite one. If I could pick anything to do on any given day it would be read a good book while drinking tea and possibly consuming corn chips. All those things are hobbies right? Cooking- if it’s not dinner or any other needed meal then I love creating food. Same problem with surface mess though…I need a maid to clean up after me so I can just enjoy the creative process!
I also enjoy woodwork, DIY, home decorating, gardening (sometimes-and only if what I’m planting is un-killable because I will forget to water it), and creative writing.

Sports: I love the outdoors and really enjoy tramping, mountain biking, rock-climbing and general exploring. I put up with skiing because the rest of my family loves it, but I tend to avoid things that make me wet and cold. I also avoid things like yoga and pilates because they don’t strike me as a great exercise option. Then I had to do pilates for my back and man was I wrong! Never sweated so much in my life! Anyway, I digress. Outdoor activities are my favourite kind.

If I didn’t have to work I would: TRAVEL! Sorry to get all shouty, but travel has always been in my blood. I have itchy feet and there is so much of the world still to see. Can’t wait to explore some more. I prefer the less touristy places like Kakadu, Solomon Islands, Sumatra and Galapagos. Which sucks because malaria medication makes me nauseaus… Totally worth it though.

Other random things: background noise annoys me as do multiple noises at once (think radio, talking, washing machine). I drive a car that’s older than me, but sadly it’s not an Aston Marton or a Mustang or a Dodge challenger. I can dream though. My dog drops so much hair on my wooden floor that sometimes it feels like the set of a Western, complete with tumbleweeds. I drink Scotch (single malt) and Port. None of that yucky wine and beer. And yes I’m aware that’s like not drinking tea or coffee. I don’t mind washing and drying washing but it normally sits unfolded on the sofa for days. Why? Who bloomin knows! Like I said- random things…

So that’s me, Katie.
And if you’ve read all this you’re obviously a queen procrastinator like myself, or you can relate to something I’ve said. In either case, stick around, because you’re going to love Heidi and all the books she writes. For me.

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